Friday, January 4, 2013

Ballerina Birthday

I am not a cake maker. (Period) I do make fabulous, taste bud dancing cakes, but not the birthday, wedding, baby shower kind. This is a special occasion. I will do cakes for my family and friends who are so amazing they are like family, but that is it. This is for my sweet Clara, who is basically my niece. My youngest daughter's best friend and the daughter of my best friend. So she pretty much scored. Not only did I make the cake ( did I mention I would rather make cupcakes) I also made her cookies for her class. Nutcrackers for the boys and ballet slippers for the girls. I also visited my favorite place to get crack, I meant crafts ;) All hail Pinterest!!! I made a ill pettitutu. Sew much fun:) without any sewing needed. It has been a blessing know dear sweet Clara and her amazing family. I hope she always smiles and twirls through life with delight!!

Now. Back to that cake. Ugh. Cake.
You will notice the primary decoration is a big cookie (victory for me) and candy clay roses butterflies and ballet shoes. I did kinda enjoy making this, only because it was made for Clara. Cake is still not my thing;)
So here is to a sweet birthday girl! Eu amo voce muito!

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