Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

A Spooky Order for a handsome young man. Only Vampire jack o lanterns would do,..with dripping blood of course!

May you and Yours Have A Spooktactular Halloween!

Candy Corn Anyone?

Treats for the kids @ Halloween is one of my favorite things to provide,.. because everyone really appreciates them! So here is to one Happy Halloween!

Breast Cancer Fundraiser

It is a powerful color

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Preview

Just A quick Preview... Enjoy!

Feelin' Sweet

It was my Birthday a lil under 2 weeks ago,.. and my hubby knows his place is Never in my kitchen so I made my own cake! Something I have wanted to try for like ever,.. and I did and It was AMAZING! A Flourless Chocolate Cake! YUMMMMMM!

He the Hub got me a cook book of sweet treats,.. recipes I haven't tried before, so I gave those a whirl as well! Baklava and Key Lime Pie,.. wow,.. I think I am going back on my Greek yogurt diet because even my cheeks feel heavier!

Enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed making them and eating them!

Yes I made two batches of Baklava !

Make Up!

Have you ever been invited to one of those Mary Kay or Arbonne parties? Well I have and they can be super fun,.. So when I was asked to redeem a silent auction basket and make cookies for an Arbonne Party I was So Delighted! I recreated their logo on a butterfly, made lipsticks and nail polishes and for a lil fem flair I added some positive affirmations on some flowers! This was a delight, I hope the Party was a huge success!

Oh yeah I forgot to add that i threw in some high Heels as well!

Friday, October 7, 2011

All Things Fancy!

Having 3 amazing daughters, we have not a lack of sparkle, and that is how I like my cookies!
Whether it be brand name purses, Sassy heels, or just things that glitter, you can find them here!

 Fancy Nancy Birthday High Heel Cookies

 Special Sparkly Graduation Cookie for Hayley

Princess & The Frog Cookies for a School Play

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Summer Fun!

Even though Fall is creeping upon us I need to share some of my "Summer Fun" Cookies before snow hits the ground.

Go Broncos!!

Yes I am a Denver Fan! The Shopping, the entertainment, The food,..oh yeah,.. and the football. Born and raised I too have a lil' blue and orange in my veins. For 2 Big Birthday we have Bronco Cakes and hand shaped Bronco cookies These are some of my favs!

Just Because

Yep, I think and feel that doing things just because is better than doing things on specific days. I like to show my appreciation and fondness of others often and randomly. That way it is always a surprise and Always a welcomed gift!

Lighting McQueen

For the most handsome man I have ever laid my eyes upon. Only special Birthday cookies and cakes would do. Lighting McQueen it is! Cookies and cakes for this 2yr old Birthday Boy. The boy liked the cakes the best :)

Happy Anniversary to Me!

My Hub and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary this past Thursday! So I did what any loving wife would do and made him his favorite cake. Strawberry,.. even though I am a die hard chocolate lover,.. oh the sacrifices we make for love!

Truffels & Treats

I enjoy making all kinds of tasty treats, and sometimes people will ask me to make these for them. I also get excited to try something new and like to pass off the extras so my waistline stays the same. Here are a few of them,....

Mad Scientist

I was enlisted to create some kooky cookies for a "Mad Scientist " Birthday! These were  A Lot O Fun I must admit. However when my daughters saw the eyeballs floating in the neon goo The said ewwww. Perfect I thought for this special birthday boy! These cookies were not made with my shortbread recipe, they were made with a non dairy cookie dough. Believe it or not they were okay to eat too!!!

Poker Any One?

I find it super exciting to recreate something that brings such great joy to others. Even though I am not a gambling woman I can appreciate these tasty cookies!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thinking Tropical

When someone in my life goes above and beyond I like to react in the same way. All kindnesses are deserving of kindness back right?  So here is a lil' Big Parrot Cookie I created for a special surgeon.

Feelin' Blue?

Well if so these Smurf Cookies Should put a smile on your Face!

7th Birthday Cookies for Mykayla