Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Tisket A Tasket

I invite all of you, readers and visitors.  To enjoy my 1st Easy Peasy Rice & Cheesy Cookie Decoration Lesson Step by Step.

The Cookie we are making is a lil' Easter basket.
These are most of the supplies I am using,...

 Now I am using My Shortbread recipe and I won't give that out,.. but you can find one on the net or use a sugar cookie, either homemade or store bought,.. however they spread while they cook and shortbread holds it's shape. 

1. Bake cookie using cutter let cool completely

2. Decorate with icing ( I used a royal icing, it drys firm and holds it's shape well)  You can use whatever you may like :) Royal icing is a combination of confectioners sugar, water, and meringue powder

3. I used jelly beans and edible Easter grass which is wafer paper for the main decoration and once it dried I shimmered it! You can find shimmer or pearl dust at a local craft store, along with the Wilton powder and food safe color.

4. Enjoy your creation! I always make more than needed just in case,...

Here is my lil' Easter basket!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cowgirl Chic

I had the most sincerest pleasure to create treats for one of the most darlin' lil' girls for her 6th Birthday! The girl is always sportin' sassy cowgirl boots along with her big sis! She likes Purple and Sparkle!

These right here are her mini's for class we have a chocolate fudge cake with a purple White chocolate ganache frosting. Adorned it a sparklin' purple boot ! Yummy!

The Cupcakes were for her party. They are a purple french vanilla cake with a double dark chocolate ganache frosting. Adorned with a matching pair of purple boots and a sassy cowgirl hat!

Well This is her Special cupcake,...after all she is a special lil' gal! Happy Birthday!

Éirinn go brách

Yes! I Love love love St. Patrick's Day and yes it is because long ago I have relatives that came from the Emerald Isle. I love it  now because my daughter's Irish dance that and we may have gotten to be in the most recent parade with fantastic hosts,.. but I know you are just here for the free lookies!

We have here a Bailey's dark chocolate cake with a vanilla butter cream

Next a Tri Mix of Shamrocks

My Fav Work with Wafer Paper!

And again,... stunning!

Apple Prattie mini with brown sugar cinnamon butter cream

Last minute St.Patrick's Day variety Order

My Dancin' Dolls

Butterfly Love

My oldest child's Birthday was a few weeks ago. I am doing some serious slacking in the blog department but better late than never! My Sweet Melly Girl turned ten and she never has any serious or particular requests,.. she just states "surprise me". That I did. I went against the cake this year. I did ShortBread Hand cut flowers with a wafer paper butterfly in a warm light blue tone. I also did cupcakes and my fav mini cakes!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Is in The Air

I love Spring! The warmth of the summer glazing it's ray's across the frozen ground. A rebirth if you will calling awake to all things that sleep under ground. Watching them peek out of the ground as a child does on Easter to see if there maybe any surprises awaiting them. I really Love Spring!

Here I have a Tree of Life, Love and Renewal
 Garden Angels / Fairies

 Retro Love Birds