Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Tisket A Tasket

I invite all of you, readers and visitors.  To enjoy my 1st Easy Peasy Rice & Cheesy Cookie Decoration Lesson Step by Step.

The Cookie we are making is a lil' Easter basket.
These are most of the supplies I am using,...

 Now I am using My Shortbread recipe and I won't give that out,.. but you can find one on the net or use a sugar cookie, either homemade or store bought,.. however they spread while they cook and shortbread holds it's shape. 

1. Bake cookie using cutter let cool completely

2. Decorate with icing ( I used a royal icing, it drys firm and holds it's shape well)  You can use whatever you may like :) Royal icing is a combination of confectioners sugar, water, and meringue powder

3. I used jelly beans and edible Easter grass which is wafer paper for the main decoration and once it dried I shimmered it! You can find shimmer or pearl dust at a local craft store, along with the Wilton powder and food safe color.

4. Enjoy your creation! I always make more than needed just in case,...

Here is my lil' Easter basket!

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