Monday, February 27, 2012

1st Communion

This special day is just around the corner for many young men and lovely lil' ladies,.. If you are looking for a special gift,.. these may suit the Glory of the day!

Da Griz

Out here in Montucky,.. there is a rivalry

The Cats and The Griz


And so it goes,.....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

That lil' Apple

They say the Apple does not fall far from the tree,.. I am proud to say my lovely created these,.. how I am proud of my lil' apple!

Valentine Orders

 For Our Irish dancing Teacher, Oh How we Love You! <3

 To a hats off baker of Cheesecakes and cakes,.. how we love to know you!

 To A lovely and her littles,.. her kindness overflows....

A Sassy spice that you wouldn't expect,.. that is why you rock!

Book Clubs?

For a recent Twin Birthday Order. I had the task of creating Harry Potter and The Hunger Games Cookies. It was fun to recreate the Logo and a connection to the books! Happy Birthday!

Shimmer with Love

I love making handmade truffles. There is something very rewarding about creating something not only beautiful but delicious. Even better,.. the expressions you receive once you hand over a box of these,..priceless!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Special

When Love is in the Air,.....

Enjoy it <3

Sweet Nothings

Truffles are my biggest weakness,.. so if I have them sitting around it is bad news bears for those "skinny" jeans, because I might eat 'em all up! Yummm.
I make many different kinds.
Double Chocolate Cookie
Double Double Dark
Dark / White Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry
Decoration and colors.... the sky is the limit
Here is a sample

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Peace & Love

I have on occasion mentioned that my children are blessed so, that they do in my opinion go to the best school ever,.. at least where I live,.. it is most certainly the best school.  At the best school ever my sweet littlest girl and her class prepared a sweet lil' Mass,.. and there is nothing more beautiful than watching wee ones express the love of God and the love for their peers,.... these are for my Boo. For her class, they did an amazing job! Peace and Love to all!


Just for fun,... and might I add it was my first try at these cuties,.. I also tried a Thomas,.. his face isn't right,.. but in my defense it was my 1st go,.. enjoy!