Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ingredients & information

I use the finest ingredients I can find
The ShortBreads are made with
*Real Butter
Royal icing
*Powdered Sugar
*Meringue Powder~ By Wilton
Food Safe Coloring

Flavors can be changed by season
*100% Fresh Lemon zest & Juice
*100% Fresh Rosemary

Chocolate, I only use the best!
*Double 60%

*Must be custom and you get what you pay for, prices may double.

Gluten Free
*Flourless Chocolate Cake

Any other questions?
Please ask!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pricing Details & Information

Short Breads
Cookie pops simple .50 custom add .50
Cookie Blanks 1.00
Cookie Shaped 1.50 custom 2.00 up to 3.00
Cookie Hand Shaped 2.00 up to 5.00
Cookie trays/ cakes ~ custom
Dark Chocolate Oreo 1.00
Double Dark 1.00
Dark / White Chocolate Raspberry
Mini Cakes
All Flavors and custom design 1.00
All Loafs 3.00

For more Pictures and Special offers please visit my Facebook Page!/pages/ShayBelles-ShortBreads/199776783374077

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rainbow's in their hair

Dearest Sophie turned 8 just this week and I was super excited to create Glitter Horses with Rainbow Hair for her and her classmates.

The Purple one is For Sophie,.. because purple is her favorite color and it is her birthday so why not have a purple horse, right?!?!

Clara's Pony

I adore nothing more than being asked by a friend to create a gift of sweetness for one of their loved ones. In this case a very special girl was turning six, and she dreamed of my little pony's. I was so honored to have created her birthday cookies for her class plus her cake for her party! So if you <3 My little Pony then you might really enjoy these pictures!

 As you might notice we have some green boy pony's and their cutie mark is a football!
thank you Clara for allowing me to celebrate your special day with you and your family and friends!!