Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little lady luck

A super six year old celebration complete with brown and purple horseshoes!! Happy happy day! ;)

Birthday Boy!

So many cupcakes so little time. What is a 3yr old boy to do,.. Choose? Super Why, Geo (team Umizoomi) or Caillou? Well my little boy didn't have to! So I made all 3!!! Happy happy happy birthday to my sweet little man!

Mighty Muffins

So you might have noticed I am seeking innovative ways to create healthy yet yummy baked goodness. This delight is no different! Made with organic yogurt, vanilla lemon juice & zest, milk, and eggs. You once again have a healthy alternative! Lemon poppy seed muffins, YUM!

Quinoa Breakfast Bars

Nothing so moist and sweet in a all natural way,.. Has tasted soooo good. So good in fact, I cannot for the life of me keep them around! Made with all natural and organic ingredients,.. These babies have only 93 calories per serving and are packed with heavenly goodness,.. Like amino acids and omega 3's ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Boo!

A surprise cake for my baby girl's birthday! #6

10 to Forever

A very special request indeed! To create something beautiful for a ten year anniversary! Using her colors, we cam up with these! Gently wrapped for their journey to Colorado! Here is to forever of happiness Tara!

Super Why!

My little guy loves Super Why so I made cookies in a cupcake for his special day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cowgirls love horses!

For my sweet lil girl to the moon and back! That is exactly what I created with this "cookie in a cupcake" horse head, candy boot, and hat! Adorned with light lavender vanilla butter cream and a French vanilla cake! Happy Birthday my sweet Boo!

Mermaid madness!

These are part of my newest venture, "cookie in a cupcake" eatable decorations! Sweet little mermaids, made to mimic Ariel. Two separate cookies made to look like she is swimming in water! I had a lot if fun making these! Happy Birthday Ruby!!!!

Brazilian Love

Omgoodness,... The love of Bolo De Rolo. Amazing and delicious,... Something special!

Quest for the perfect Breakfast Cookie!

I have been searching for the best tasting and best for you cookie around. After a long search and plenty of healthful ideas. I created my own,.. Tweaked it and tasted,.. But best of all kid approved!!!! These are amazing!

Family Reunion

These are fit a sweet lady who wanted these for her family reunion! Something about this year marks 100 yrs in America? Anyway, hope it was amazing!

Happy 96th!

For my Papa! Plus his favorite, Nana's Cookies! Yum! Happy Birthday!