Friday, June 29, 2012

Margaritas Anyone?

Oh for the love of cookies,.. I had entirely WAY too much fun making these "Happy Hour" Treats!  Adorned with a fruit slice to make any time, Margarita Time!

Watermelon, Yum

Made these sweet sensations for a friend, and my mom! Hope they enjoy!

Wedding Hearts

Both are a ShortBread matched to the bride's colors. These were super fun, and I was super elated to share some sweetness on her special day! Congratulations!

Sweet Ginger

My weakness, oh my yum! Delish

As Promised!

yummmmm,.. really almost better in cookie form! Forgive the mispelling! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pink Champange Cookies!

I have the joy of creating 13 dozen cookies for a lil' wedding reception! I am very excited about this new reciepe I made, I have been working on tweaking it to perfection,.. but the tasters I have said,.. yummmmm,.... so I think they are good,.. Pictures to follow!

Birthday Bundt

Birthday Cake for Beka,... per her healthy slender sassy style!

Sleepover Suprises!

For My oldest gal's bestie's sleepover party, a few treats to take with hert tooth brush and jammies!
Popcorn and slippers!

Chipped & Dipped!

When you thought ShortBread couldn't get any better,.. it got chipped then dipped!


Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic,.. what else can I say other than, Thank You!

Happy Daddies Day

Because A Good Father Deserves The Very Best! Happy Father's Day to all Whom Have Earned it!

Sweet Surrender

Sweet Red Strawberries with Dark Chocolate Chunks Baked into a Sweet Scone,... yummmm!