Wednesday, November 14, 2012

French for a day

To celebrate my amazing daughter's 8th birthday, we decided to have a Tea Party. Not just any tea party, rather a French Tea Party at the fanciest place I could think of.
I worked nights and nap times to create lasting memories for my daughters and their guests! Invitations in French translated into English. Hand painted and personalized cups. French hairpieces adorned with feathers jewels and flowers.

Plans of treats danced in my head,...

We had Eiffel Tower Shortbread cookies, chocolate covered spoons, dark chocolate truffles, hand shaped tea sugars and the most amazing tea cookies you may ever taste. Of course we had special cupcakes to sing with. A dark chocolate cake with a marshmallow buttercream and candy clay flowers. A dark chocolate cake with a double dark ganache adorned with a candy clay rose. We had lavender honey vanilla tea cakes to marry our strawberry tea from France. I proudly catered the entire event, and it was amazing! A BIG Thank You to all of our guests,our photographer and The Moss Mansion.

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